Instead of sand, you will be combining glass crystals at your unity ceremony.

The process is collaborative and captures your spirit. You’re working together with a highly skilled glass artist to create a work of art that will last a lifetime. You will remember and share the story of your wedding for years to come. What sets International Hot Glass apart from the others is that YOU CAN COME CREATE THE GLASS!  That’s right, if you so choose you can come create the platter or bowl and any other pieces you choose.


1. Stop in the store and select your glass crystal colors, or give us a call and we can help you pick which colors will be shipped for use in your ceremony. Colors come in individual packets. (Need some help with color selection? Here are some tips from the experts )
2. Combine the glass crystals during your ceremony, much like you would with a sand ceremony.
3. Schedule a time to come into the shop and create your pieces.
Also unique to our unity ceremony concept, consider gifts for parents, children, or close friends. Using remaining crystals from your wedding, we can incorporate them into glass hearts, blown ornaments, flowers and more. These are truly unique and thoughtful gifts.


$45 will purchase the crystals and leave a deposit of $20 which will come off the price of whatever piece you pick. The pieces you will make are individually priced. The prices for the pieces you will be able to create can be found on our website and range from $45 to $195.